DYNAVENT sells the laminar flow Mac 10 from TRION ENVIRCO.
These units are available in 3 sizes, 2'' x 2'', 2'' x 3'' and 2'' x 4''.
Units have access for the filter by the top (STD) and by the bottom (RSR).
Standard units are in aluminium, options are stainless steel 304 and white painting.

The main advantages of these units are very low noise level and a good equal distribution despite a height of only +/- 300 mm.

These above performances are achieved by a patented baffle which distributes equally the flow across the filter and absorbs noise. You will find here a selection of laminar flow and the opportunity to place an
order directly on the web side .

Faster - Laminar green

DYNAVENT also manufactures special dimension laminar flow to construct small or medium size steril work areas up to class 100 according to US FS 209 E.

All the material is stainless steel AISI 304, some are in PVC.
The units can be supplied fully erected or erection can take place at your premises.

To select these units see heading Tent.

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