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DYNAVENT assures the distribution of textile socks manufactured by the company IPS Danemark for Belgium and Luxembourg.

These socks present a lot of advantages compared to the traditional air pulsion conducts, first of all a distribution of air on the whole length of the sock this means a distribution without air mouvement, or insensibility to humidity , a gain from the isolation point of vu and anti-bacteria free.







Socks exist in different shapes : round with single or double suspensions, d-shape which are attached to the ceiling, socks with holes, this means holes assure an optimal induction of the air. These type of socks can be used for heating and cooling.


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Socks selection

You'll find in this link the possibility to choose automatically the socks you need from your technical data (air flow, height, length, ...).
This selection allows you to quickly make a budget offer for your calculations.Of course, in case of an order, a more rigorous selection will be made.

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